Villainous Penumbra - A Numenera Game

Into Al'Thor Tower For Ryan Stevens

Connecting with the Upper Quarter

Session 3 (Nov 26):
Picking back up in the Al’Thor prison the party moved into the level trying to figure out where Ryan was. They came across another pair of automaton guards in the form of dogs with long expanding tails. They were able to dodge around and defeat the dogs quickly. Virdane saw a console that would have a list of the inmates, but during his attempt to open it, he accidentally alerted the rest of the house that he was an intruder. The whole tower was immediately put on alert and the doors that they had used to come down were shut and locked. Acting quickly they went around and figured out which cell Ryan was located and opened it. Ryan at first glance appeared to be human. He was approximately 5’10 but very stocky. He had a long reddish-brown beard and bushy eyebrows. Upon closer inspection it became obvious that he wasn’t entirely human.His shoulders were too wide, his face was larger than normal, his eyes smaller and reflected the light, and his hair appeared shinier than normal. After explaining to him who you were he agreed that if you got him out he would get the party an audience with James.

Knowing that the doors were out the party looked for an alternative way out and discovered an access hatch. These led into long narrow hallways or corridors (if you’re familiar with Star Trek think Jeffries Tubes) that gave access to plumbing, environmental controls and other lost technology. The party could begin to tell that they were being pursued. After overcoming some initial hurdles they came into a large room that was full of raw sewage pools, steam, floating parts of corpses, and other nasty smells. The fog was so thick it limited how far the party could see. They split up to go around and knowing that their exit was supposed to be on the far side of the room. They also saw some strange writing on the wall. Athough no one could translate exactly what it said they knew it to be some kind of warning about danger in the area. As they moved slowly around large creatures emerged from the pool, with large long claws and attempted to slash members of the party before grabbing them and dragging them down into the pool to finish them off. The party managed to survive and push on past the room.

After spending several hours navigating the tunnels they were finally getting close to the surface. Otis had managed to find and disarm several traps along the way but failed to see the next one. The floor began falling away and they had to move quickly over the collapsing floor before being stuck on the wrong side as Genny/ Crissi was crossing the piece of the floor she was standing on crumbled away out from under her although she managed to leap at the wall and her mechanical hand was able to grasp a piece of it and kept her from falling. The party managed to get a rope out to her and pulled her to safety. After spending the whole night underground and in theses tunnels the party knew it had gotten back up to the surface level when the tunnel they were in ended where there had been a cave in. Backtracking slightly they managed to find a secret entrance leading into a very large room. The room was very poorly lit and the whole area was covered in dust. Moving into the room the party saw large piles of debris arranged around the room and upon inspecting it discovered them to be old shelves. After seeing this Otis realized that this probably had been a smugglers closet. Goods either being smuggled into or out of the city probably came here and were held until they could be safely moved again, but had been abandoned for many, many years. The party slowly made their way across the room until to their surprise a large dog-like creature with strange bits of technology sticking out of its skin, as well as being covered in a combination of green scales and purple fur. The creature was an extremely formidable foe. It attacked with its massive claws and bit, or out of its mouth would come 3 large tongues and if they struck a foe would drain the energy out of the minor cyphers the characters carried. Although all were strained and had little energy left they managed to kill the long-lost guardian of the room. They got to the other side and discovered that it was not a door in the traditional sense, but a teleportation/ transportation device, which made a lot of sense. Knowing that the smuggler could bring his wares to an unsuspecting location and then be teleported to this location, would’ve made the hideout even more valuable.

The party stepped through the portal the emerged in a storage room of what was once an inn. It had been destroyed during the invasion, but the portal had survived. The sun was beginning to rise over the horizon signaling the start of the next day. It had taken all night to get Ryan and then escape back out of the compound. Upon exiting Ryan looked around and then turned to the party and said “You have fulfilled your part of the contract, now I will fulfill mine. I will reach you in 2 days’ time. I will know where to reach you, plan on hearing from me in that time.” And then he left soon disappearing in the morning mists. The party then headed back to their rooms and await the signal from Ryan.



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