Villainous Penumbra - A Numenera Game

Session 1 - Invasion!

First Session, Coming Together

We then picked up in Charmonde the capital city of Navarene which is under siege by a Cloud Entity called The Wyvern or Sombra Nevoa. The party started off immediately in combat when the city’s force wall defenses ceased to function. The Wyvern immediately sent invaders to suppress the citizens and supposedly reclaim the power source taken by the Priests and Agents of the Queen. The party fought bravely and was able to destroy and push back several invasion teams. During this the party recovered (from the invaders) several strange crystals with open, watching eyes in the middle of them, as well as a flat sky-blue disk that had a diameter of 6" or so. Also during this time, the party witnessed the Wyvern dumping large portions of a strange cloud-like substance that, when it came within contact with the city, began to warp the surface causing large sections of the city began to push up or down forming perpendicular angles with the areas around it.
Also during this time the party witnessed a strange figure moving through the fights. A Pumpkin Headed figure well over 7’ tall wielding a strange Axe with a spinning chain that moved around the outer edge of the blade. The creature was observed to have supernatural speed and fighting ability, dispatching a group of the Noble caste warriors (Kshatriya) with no difficulty. And the party had attracted his attention. The party began to run to get away with the figure slowly gaining. The party only managed to escape by jumping onto a section of the city that had been affected by the Entity’s mist and the city section was rising up and away from the creature.
Shortly after this the city’s Force Walls were restored and the remaining invaders were dispatched.
Once this happened a Kshatriya captain named Eladr of House Mau’di (the most militaristic, and largest noble House). He conscripted the party into service for the city to help recover those injured in the city and also help clean up those areas most affected by the attack.



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