I'm a Strong-Willed Glaive who Controls Beasts


Genny (pronounced Jenny) grew up in the wild. Well as wild as the Westwoods could be when it comes to the world. A fairly pretty girlwith wavy blonde hair and ice blue eyes was the pride jewel of the town. Many around her saw her as the next elder for the village, maybe she could lead them to be a productive and prosperous people. The young girl blossomed into her late teens, but something odd about her always stuck around.
No matter what age she was she also took to scrapping with the other villagers. Young or old she’d use physicality or wits to beat them. Maybe it was a bit of the savage or wolf in her body that people talked about. Either way, animals always flocked to her. Genny often carried pockets full of treats and would care for the injured. Often spending all of her money to find mechanical numenera to repair these animals body parts, Genny often lived off the people of the village’s charity.
One night, a doctor came into town due to a plague spreading to the small town. Many blamed the Nano’s or prayed to whatever gods they believed in for forgiveness, but the child never got sick. One night while speaking with her local pet that had an mechanical leg and lower jaw, Genny went to visit her sickly Aunt (her only surviving family member at the time). Genny saw an unseemly sight, with her Aunt on a table, still alive getting part of her body removed and ‘fed’ to a device she didn’t understand.
Seconds later, Genny passed out and the last visage she saw was of the nobody doctor who had come to save the town.

  • After the Event
    Genny woke up with a gasp. She didn’t remember screaming but she felt horse and her body didn’t feel like her own. A hand was in her chest, she’d never seen this boy before, and he looked as startled as she did. The bald pale boy slowly pulled his hand out of her open chest and white light glowed from his hands. The wound closed, and she felt clear again. Everything seemed together.
    Then came the second scream. To both Virdane and Genny the scream seemed much more human, but it was a realization she wasn’t herself anymore. She seemed fitter, more perfect. Body parts and mechanical pieces seemed sewn together. Much of the body was her own, but other features like her right arm had been completely metalized. Her lower jaw was not hers’ and had a much sharper jawline. Below her breats her rib cage was made of thick metalic birdcage like metals that blended in with her skin. Below her left knee, a metalic bolt connected the rest of her full steel calf and foot. Her heart felt larger, her brain felt the same, and he face felt intact. But her soul felt faint, like there were others here who wished to inhabit her being. After the scream ended, Virdane explained to her the circumstance and she promptly joined the disjointed warrior priest. Her pet in tow, following her will to exist.
    The village was gone, all but the shack Virdane and Genny had left was gone. The villagers and doctor disappeared with no trace. No one was going to believe this.


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