I'm a Mystical Jack who Works Miracles


Virdane grew up poor. Maybe more poor than your average human in the city of Thaemor, Navarene. His mother with too many children for her to handle sold him to the Aeon Priest to enlist as a part of the Order of Truth. Virdane’s father was nowhere to be found. Despite having 3 older siblings that his father stuck around for, Virdane caused his father to disappear; or at least that’s how he felt. After years of training, Virdane showed an unusual attachment to numenera and was even seen talking with nanos although no one heard response.
Since that time the Aeon Priest began his discipleship into their ranks. He spent many long years training to understand basic things, and even seemed like a real flunky when it came to anything written in text. Virdane excelled in the use of numenera though, he spent much time fidgeting and pulling apart different devices and excelled with their usage. One day when he was tinkering with a forbidden device with a few other students, Virdane unlocked a small liquid that evaporated into the air around him. In that room, and even outside where a handful of guards stood, many had visions of their own futures or possible futures. One thing stood out clear in their blurry day dreams, and that was a new Amber Pope: Virdane.
The current Amber Pope heard about this and in his jealousy cast Virdane out. Not much can be said of what happened to the young bald boy. He spent a large amount of time alone travelling to different underground places in the Ninth world. Many say he talked with a machine that gave him abilities to heal others bodies and minds. Followers or not, the legend of Virdane the Ex-priest warrior grows as he returns to his home kingdom, Charmonde.

The Event
Virdane had been travelling for years, had worked miracles of modern medicine and had seen handfuls of numenera, but he hadn’t heard of the tools a ‘doctor’ had used in the West Woods. Ever since the liquid had seeped into his lungs, he felt that nanos would come out of him to repair those around him. He felt more at one with himself, and at one with the world around him, but he was always drawn to the tragedies.
As [AJ or Brandon’s Character] would always say, “You have these powers because you’re meant to heal the earth.” He/She was always glorifying Virdane’s acitons, which made him uncomfortable. Virdane came across the off shot village, and heard much from the town folks. Miracles that seemed out of this world even for Virdane, but there were no burials. There was failures, something common in science, but disappearing bodies was definitely out of the norm. The doctor, very elusive about his name, showed him his equipment, and while state of the art, it didn’t show the likelihood of stopping the plague that infected the city.
One night when snooping around the Iron Wind hit the city. Now Virdane had tracked the Iron Wind before, and behold what it could do to a remote village, but this wasn’t something that made sense to him. It seemed out of nowhere like all the Nanos in the air became corrupted. The whole city felt influx, and Virdane sought to hide. But his internal instincts told him otherwise, he suddenly felt the need to feel hollow wood above where he stood. Putting an old trinket he found on the ground, he detonated it by pulling a pin, and what stood inside shook his core.
A numenera had multiple body parts, mostly from one being that it was attempting to put together. The body was screeching but more like that of a simulation of a human scream. Metal seemed to grind against bone as the body began to be smashed together. As the body was finishing itself and Virdane watched in awe, the entirety of the the Iron wind burst through the wall and began inhabiting the body. As this was happening, the numenera putting the body together began to have the power drained. Virdane seeing this and wanting this miraculous hideous being to survive shoved his hand into the heart of the being, and used the gift given to him.


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