House-Ruled Money Denominations

After discussing it I decided to make the money a little more nuanced. Rather than just having an all-encompassing shin decided to make the shin more of the standard “gold piece” with small and greater denominations to help make paying for various services and goods more realistically. here are the given denominations and their relation to one another.

Monetary Denominations
Limnah (Platnium); x1 = 10 Shin or 100 Seon or 1000 Senine
Shin (Gold); x1 = 1/10 Limnah or 10 Seon or 100 Senine
Seon (Silver); x1 = 1/100 Limnah or 1/10 Shin or 10 Senine
Senine (Copper); x1 = 1/1000 Limnah or 1/100 Shin or 1/10 Seon



House-Ruled Money Denominations

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