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Just so if people need to remember what was said in the original email here it is (The links included in the email are found here, Files can be found at the google drive here

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to get an email conversation going so that we can start figuring out the Numenera campaign.

I want to try to keep things simple and brief so that these emails aren’t too long or overwhelming and will try to keep things short as possible. There several things to talk about and I wanted to go over the info that we talked about last week not only to fill in brandon but just to make sure we’re all on the same page.

So first off I’m running a Numenera campaign. This is based off of Cypher System developed by Monte Cook (who was the main creator of 3E D&D, it’s also interesting to note that Monte Cook was the first major RPG writer, creator, developer to start using to exclusively sell official downaloadable pdfs) Numenara is a setting that uses the Cypher system. It also includes a generalized non-setting specific books and a setting called ‘The Strange’ a pulp detective/ MIB type setting. All of these books can be used and mixed with each other. But to begin with I would like to just stick with Numenera books. As the campaign moves forward and we all become more familiar with the system I am more than open to bringing in other options.

So Numenera is a story-driven system. It is alot like FATE in that progression and campaign are driven by exploration & discovery, not by fighting and killing opponents. There is fighting & combat of this but that is not how a character ‘levels up’. I like this system alot because it does emphasizes doing more than just fighting. But I felt that in FATE things were a little too loose and not tied to enough mechanics, so the CYpher system is a happy (I feel) medium between mechanic heavy D&D and mechanic lite FATE

The main character creation point is creating a sentence that defines your character. The sentence goes like this ‘I am “an adjective” “noun” " who “verbs”. Now each of the fill-in areas are linked to a system mechanic, they aren’t just random mad-lib fill-ins. I am going to try to get a summary of all of these andput it into a document. I am sending as an attachment in this email a file called ’Numenera Players Guide" This pdf is the pages out of the main book that have to do with Character Creation. They made a seperate book just to make it easier for players to get a general sense of the setting without having to wade through the whole 600+ page core book. Most of the words you can choose from to make your sentence can be found within this book.

In the sentence your ADJECTIVE is called your DESCRIPTOR. This is related to your backgound, provides motivation for your character and also helps figure out what the 1st adventure will be. The NOUN is basically your character class. There are 3 options a glaive (a fighter, physical type character) a nano (a priest/ wizard/ technician) or a jack (a rogue, scout, skill character) I want to stress that these options are extremely broad. you can make a glaive into an effective caster, a nano into a tank, a jack into a priest. These are just generalized descriptions and how they are tied to their abilities.The final VERB is called your FOCI. This is a unique characteristic no 2 characters can have the same foci. This mechanic gives you level (or tier as they’re called) abilities. Examples include wielding fire only power, being a lycanthrope, being an archer, uses psionics, talks to animals, etc etc. Foci also require a character to pick a connection to another character. So group planning is important since making a character requires communication between the other players and me.

So this brings me to my next point. The Campaign. While I know that at least in the beginning I want to start off in the Numenera setting there are different ideas, themes, possiblities that we can do. I am attaching a word docx that you can look at that goes over notions from movies, TV series, books and other ideas that I have that I think will make for a fun and interesting campaign. I thought that you could look through these things to get ideas of what kind of character you’d like to play. This list isn’t exhaustive and if there are ideas you have I would love to talk about it. Numenera offers options like an under water campaign (with intelligent octopus) or a Planescape area (which is really awesome I would love to run a Sigil type city idea) or even Starjammer type (flying around space). So there are many options that we can discuss.

My final 2 points are this. I am sending links to 2 different, but equally good, links to character creation sites created by fans. These sites have (as far as I can tell) integrated all of the different character options that are available in various numenera books.
I’m also including a form-fillable pdf character sheet and a print version that you can write in, old school.

My final point is deciding whether you guys would like me to start an Obsidian Portal page that we can use to converse, post campaign notes etc like what was done with the D&D campaign or if you would just prefer email conversations.

So that’s all for now. Thanks for your initial patience but hopefully we can get things moving along. If everyone would just rather wait until we meet in person to do this then thats another option, but doing so will limit to a certain extent what I can run and prepare for. But that can be done.

I’m sorry to throw 1 more thing in. I (for whatever reason) never got or used Corey’s Google Drive so I am not sure what he has put up but I can try to get access to another drive to put up my books. I have some that I know aren’t on any of the current bundles since I was involved in the Kickstarter expansion from last year.

Talk to you all Soon

(The Links included sites to the character generator as well as the introductory video presented by Monte Cook)

(The Attachments included The Players Guide, Character Sheets (both form-fillable, a fan-made version and printable and my Influence Doc.)

Initial Email 1

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