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Hey Everyone

Just wanted to confirm that i am planning on running this Saturday. I apologize, again for cancelling last session. I’m having some changes in some of my medications so things with my mood can change pretty erradically, hopefully things will be leveling out over the next month. I appreciate your concern and patience. But moving onto the game. But despite this I have been working on trying to get the rules and come up with the campaign. I’ve talked with most of you about characters and have a solid idea of what Jace (Ex-Aeon Priest jack) and Crissi (animated reverse-Biomechanical? glaive) are doing, a vague idea of what Brandon is looking at (street-ratish nano).

I wanted to give a little more information about what I’m planning so people can think about backgrounds, character ideas etc. I’m planning on centering the campaign in the city of Charmonde, which is the capital of Navarene (the northern most territory of the populated and civilized area of the world called ‘The Steadfast’. If you are interested making contacts or ties to the city would be fine. There will be adventures that take you out of the city, (but I am planning at least as of now) to come back to the city. The city is fairly populated. In general my world will have larger populations than what is given in the book. Also the larger populations will be more educated, informed of what is happening in the larger world/ universe and understand technologies/ numenera than rural areas, which will maintain the low educated levels suggested in the book.

Charmonde sits close to the Black Raige mountain range,I’m actually placing it on the edge of the mountain range with areas of the city going into the mountain range, like a smaller version of Minas Tirith or Helms Deep from Lord of the Rings. There are are several noble houses vying for power and several well established crime syndicates operating throughout the city. I’m also going to have the human and non-humans mix more commonly than in the book, but there are still tensions between certain groups although this is more pronounced in rural and less so in urban.

I have to get to work so the last thing I wanted to mention was that although I’m glad for the character ideas I’ve gotten so far, for the mechanics or character creation aspects that want to connect to other characters in the campaign that we should wait until we get together and discuss everyone’s idea. So if you want to pick a foci (Verb)of your character wait to decide what that connection will be until saturday. And even if you want to have characters connected in some way this doesn’t necessarily mean that your foci has to be to that character.
So look forward to seeing everyone Saturday


Initial Email 2

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