Kshatriya are highly specialized warriors of the Nobel Houses. Kshatriya are part of the noble caste and in general are not subject to local laws. They are in general held responsible by the leadership of the House they belong to, and in extreme circumstances can be called to account by the ruling monarch or minister of the land in which they reside.

All kshatriya have been trained from a young age in the unique techniques and fighting styles of their House. Even the least Kshatriya is still more than a match for any mercenary or guard force. They are often trained in fighting tactics that include but are not limited to small groups of other Kshatriya, single fighting against multiple combatants, the use of technology and enhancing their own prowess through nanite manipulation.

Kshatriya is in general a hereditary position, but Houses are always looking for ways to expand their forces and it is not uncommon for exceptional fighter be given Kshatriyan status although these individuals are often looked down upon by those born within the House. Any individual “raised up” like this can only receive so much House training, and so why’ll gaining in status they often find themselves as the lowest rung among other Kshatriya. A few exceptional people rise beyond this and become notable figures within the House. These stories often drive others to believe that such recognition is common and believe gaining status as some kind of changing of fortune and a life of easy and comfort await them. This is not the case.

Kshatriya are often laws unto themselves. Although considered citizens of their various nations or countries, they can dispense justice as they see fit with little reprisal. Complaints a must be directed to the house and unless some compelling reason is given to mitigate these claims are often ignored.

Kshatriya Have class, training, and finally material.In general Kshatriya are well armed and armored. Mostly through personal combat and achievement, but also supported by the resources of their House, kshatriya often have powerful, and rare artifacts and cyphers. This is perhaps the most recognizable feature of any Kshatriya are the artifacts that they carry around. Even if not armored their weapons are easily spotted. Not all Kshatriya armor or arm themselves, but nevertheless other modifications or technology make them easily recognizable.

A heavy air of authority hangs over all any Kshatriya, often they are often only contact that the everyday citizen may have with a Nobel House. This itself is a constraint against the Kshatriya, but only one of a few that define them.

The origins of the Kshatriya have long been lost. They have been attributed to be the descendants of some knightly order, they are the partial remnants of past empires, becoming a Kshatriya makes the person’s mind in-tune with an unheard sound of the Universe, or that they were the squires and students of another long-lost order.

Kshatriya are hard to specifically describe because each individual within each house has their own unique .style, look, and disposition. But the power and respect they inspire is something that all Kshatriya have.




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