Charmonde is under siege.

Aeon Priests and other Agents of Queen Armalu returning from The Beyond with a new power source for the city Force Field Walls. Unfortunately, during the process of retrieving this source the Priests unknowingly awakened some protector (it isn’t known if this protector is a creature, some ancient bit of technology or even a fusion) which then followed them back.

The city has been under martial law and imposed isolation for several weeks now (The city stores are said by officials to be holding out and there is no danger as of yet to running out of food. Rumors fly about regarding the real situation but many are contradictory and hard to trace to their source.) Other Noble houses have begun to vie to turn the situation against the Queen and her House Empitura. The militaristic House Mau’di has begun increasing the number patrols of its Kshatriya (high ranking noble warriors, who wield powerful numenera and powers) around the city, in an attempt to increase its influence and power. But long tradition these warriors are above the common laws and in principle answer only to the Queen.

The creature called ‘_The Wyvern_’ by the common folk or Sombra Nevoa by the sages appears to be a giant thunder cloud, rising hundreds of feet into the air. Strange black and white lightning flashes rage throughout it. Occasionally a strange object appears within the center of it, but never long enough for anyone to be able to identify what it could be. It floats menacingly just 200 – 300 feet above the city launching attacks and blasts of strange energy, but the new walls are able to repel it. Entering or Leaving/ Exiting the city may only be done with the Queen’s personal approval. Up till now The Wyvern immediately attacks and has killed any and all individuals or groups whom it detects coming within a certain radius around the city.

Although the Queen and her advisors have shown advances in trying to get rid of the Wyvern, nothing as of yet has succeeded. The citizens grow restless and the storm above the city is just one of the crises the city is experiencing.

Villainous Penumbra - A Numenera Game

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