Hallowe'en Jack

Pumpkin-Headed Killer


A creature out of a Nightmare. Hallowe’en Jack is over 7 ft tall. His most prominent feature is a large pumpkin with a carved face in place of a head. Although it appears to only to show a blank anger, the face can contort to show other expressions. Heavily muscled and with an overpowering aura of pure fear. Able to move supernaturally fast he has been witnessed to kill entire squads of Kshatriya with no hesitation and practically no effort. He wears what appears to be a strangely worked and died leather. Heavy boots and jacket with strange graphic and other iconography adorn him.
After his head the second feature noticed is his giant two handed axe. over 2 meters in length instead of a blade it is lined with a moving chain that is powered by some unknown source. It slices or tears through flesh almost as if manifesting the will of it’s wielder.
He is stuff of pure nightmares and only the truly legendary and heroic could stand up to him.





No Known. Although rumors regarding him include:

Pumpkin Killer being called Hallowe’en Jack
Pumpkin Killer is really a Kshatriya from a lost Noble House
Pumpkin killer is an agent for The Seer
Pumpkin Killer is the ghost of a deposed king

Hallowe'en Jack

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