Campaign Influences (Ongoing)

Here is a list of examples of the movies, books and music that will be influencing the stories, adventures and campaign that I am doing. I will occasionally update this list as other notions or ideas that strike me.

Influences of Numenera Game:
h4. Movies & TV Shows
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norell Includes ideas of an emerging magic within the land and the behavior and demeanor of powerful otherworldly (faerie) figures

Equilibrium – The martial prowess that can be learned through statistical analysis and religious totalitarianism of some governments (Amber Pope, Aeon Priests & The Order of Truth)

Demon City Shinjiku – The discovery of artifacts and beings infiltrating and overtaking populations

Ninja Scroll – The magical and extraordinary ability of trained persons as well as agents of secret societies. The ability to gain and train in specialized or unique forms/ powers/ techniques

Looney Tunes – Areas of magic and/or effects of artifacts that suspend or break normal laws of physics (I must have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque, Being able to be ‘hammered’ into the ground, falling off a 1000 ft cliff and surving, outrunning a bullet, being smashed into a 2D form, explosions that make you face spin around your head, etc)

Blade Runner/ Ghost in the Shell – The Investigation of what real is, having to deal corrupt officials and individuals trying to obfuscate true plans the dystopian tone will exist in some areas.

13th Warrior – The investigation of secret cults and societies using strange objects to control and intimidate surrounding populations

The One – People using artifacts to travel to different dimensions to gain power

Voltron – The discovery of power artifacts from thousands of years ago from a unknown origin that are used to protect the rest of civilization.
Akira Kurosawa (Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, Hidden Fortress)* – Characters who often appear as outsiders who must use both their wits and their swords to overcome enemies and maintain their own sense of honor and justice

Berserk – An elite squadron of soldier mercenaries must protect their charges and overcome overwhelming odds and then must fight and defeat their leader

Frankenstein Chronicles – Strange experiments begin changing what was thought possible by science and while good intentions may have started the process, the need to complete the research has led those involved into greater and greater moral ambiguity

12 Monkeys – travelling through time to understand how the future happened, confuses and causes characters to question what is real
Inception – The ability to create layers of reality to change and reconstruct ideas of time and space

Goonies – A group must overcome their own fears and shortcomings to recover a lost artifact

Big Trouble in Little China – a man becomes embroiled in a plot involving ancient forces and factions who are vying to recover an ancient artifact

Labyrinth – a powerful fae magician makes bargains and contracts for wishes, but also enchants and controls those around him in order to gain companionship and power. In addition uses strange glass balls (artifacts) that change the world around those he entraps

Warehouse 13 – The gathering and storing of powerful artifacts that are created when powerful emotions are involved around 1 particular object. Also the use of non-mainstream items created for secret governmental agencies.

Fringe – A secret governmental agency/ team investigate fringe-science, including crossing over to an alternate time-line. The use of drugs (cyphers) and psychic powers are developed

Dr Who – Strange devices that seem smaller on the outside. As well as personalities whose body may die, but whose essence then reforms into another body and the intelligence/ personality then continues on existing for a long period of time. The personality is often boiled down into a certain set of behaviors and rather than having a normal Name – Surname format they are simply referred to as a title

Legend of Korra/ Avatar – Monk Traditions whose abilities are often based on elemental abilities, but also minor orders may have abilities based on ideas where the base elementals are combined like metal (fire & earth), steam (fire & water)

Full Metal Alchemist – Magic or abilities derived from instruction manuals, cyphers, and artifacts

Books/ Authors:
Isaac Asimov The ideas of a grand galactic empire that rose and fell creating incredible machines and technologies. The idea of a psychic and mathematical development that can interpret the course of human history and development. Advanced Robotics and robot individuals that can interact and engage in complex behaviors and be taken as organic

Frank Herbert/ Dune Saga – Also a complex galactic empire ruled by various houses and guilds and their political maneuvering for power and favor. Also widespread religious movements that have developed specialized and secret techniques. The Bene Gesserit, Fremen, Spice Guild, the mentats, Suk Doctors, the weirding way (also connected with to notions and ideas from equilibrium), the Kwisatz Haderach/ Mau’din,

Robert Jordan/ Wheel of Time – A group of high developed extremely old malaligned entities vying with one another for power and the destruction of those who oppose them. A group of magician priests with powers separated by gender and whose abilities correspond to the elements. The idea that certain colors can signify whether a food is poison

George RR Martin/_ Song of Fire & Ice Series_ – Complex political intrigues involving ancient royal houses during a time when new discoveries of magic are developing. An ancient religious order with powers of fortelling as well as a rise to return to ancient texts describing old legends and myths were the subjects had powers and abilities to control the elements.

Bernard Cornwell/_ Warlord Chronicles [Arthurian/ Holy Grail Re-telling] –_ Along the same lines as Song of Ice & Fire this series is about the using ancient knowledge to perfrom magic as well as seeking for magical artifacts during the medieval time period

William Gibson/_ Nueromancer, The Difference Engine_ – The integration of computers and people as well as alternative development of technologies. The use of these ideas for corrupt and/or criminal purposes. The development of giant mega-cities using new materials.

Lewis Carrol/_ Alice Through the Looking Glass (Phantom Tollbooth)_ – Strange dimensions twist concepts, logic and desires turning reality on its head. Faeries who offer great power must be approached with caution or one can gain the power sought but at the price of losing one’s mind.

L Frank Baum/ Oz Series – Alternate realities in which fantastical creatures and items exist. Bravery, Intelligence and courage can be increased through the use of outside abilities

Misc Concepts

Jedi Knights/ Samurai/ Martial Monastic Orders – Code bound warriors with specialized techniques. Many times these warriors have a high nano count allowing extra ordinary abilities. There are many different orders and although they don’t call themselves as jedis, etc there ideals may be similar and an person’s understanding of who they are fall within those types of guidelines. The areas where these orders are prominent have developed a caste structure with these orders becoming ‘servants’ but in reality are often a law unto themselves

Astrology (ie Sidereal Magic) – The ability to draw power from celestial movements which is mainly manifested by the power to foretell the future. Most practitioners are extremely secretive and live secluded isolationist lives, not want to be used by governments or despots. Most are mad (crazy) speaking in seemingly nonsensical riddles. This type of magic erodes a person’s ability to understand what the current date or time is. And often even if within the employ of a government eventually lose their usefulness due to increasingly mistaking when certain events will take place in relation to the present time. Madness is therefore treated fairly reverently by most people, since no one really knows if the madness is just the nature of the person or if the person is a powerful astrologer.

Mutants – Not all mutations are benign. Within the Wildes are groups of intelligent but savage mutants. Those whose power is derived from the consumption of those who are captured, defeated or conquered by these groups or tribes of people. Although rare there are known areas where these creatures are known to exist and travel. Powerful treasures can be found within the territories where they exist but the risks can be great

Reardon Metal – This is an idea that new materials are being discovered and created that make significant improvements over currently used materials. Iron to bronze/ tin to steel etc. The 9th world is filled with structures made of unknown materials using unknown methods, but in addition to people searching for Numenera, people also want/ look for/ are interested in many mundane objects in order to figure them out, reverse engineer them.

Campaign Influences (Ongoing)

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