Ruin Loded

Ruin Loded is an ancient term of unknown origins. In general it applies to people who claim the ability to perform minor magical miracles. Hedge wizards, gyspsies, hermits, apothecaries, alchemists and others that live on the edge of society scratching a living. The more legitimate persons, or those that show some actual ability are usually well-respected although not completely trusted within their communities. Often these fill a number of roles, a provider of medical advise or concoctions, advise/ fortune on the future, marriage brokerage, etc.

The term is thought to derive from the fact that those that have this gift often visit dread or ‘ruin’ upon those that displease them or misuse their powers for unapproved motives/ methods. So while highly respected there is always a sense of fear and mistrust due to the unknown nature of the power of these individuals. But actual incidents are hard to prove. The term is ancient and most scholars believe comes from a previous world.

Each practitioner has different strengths and abilities. Some are stronger healers, some are powerful seers using cards, crystals or orbs as focuses for their abilities, others have a connection to animals or plants. The one common string is that their power is connected or derived from the planets and celestial movements, They manifest this power through complex mathematical formula or equations. Some Ruin Loded have received their powers through heredity but others seem to have it with no other connection. Most must find and spend some time with a mentor, but these ‘partnerships’, in general do not last long. A Ruin Loded may travel and apprentice before settling in a community. Many times, an apprentice may take over if their mentor dies during the partnership. It has been known for some communities who travel great distances to enlist a Ruin Loded to come and help and live in their community.





Ruin Loded

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